Updated Performance Against Seed Expectations

Some of you are probably familiar with the Performance Against Seed Expectations (PASE) metric used with the men's tournament brackets. In short, the metric takes into account how many games a seed is expected to win based on past performances since 1985 (the first year of the 64-team tournament). I use this metric to determine expected offensive statistical totals for the college basketball fantasy league that I run each March.

Gonna give you up? NEVER!

With the 10th anniversary of "The Developers" happening this year (right now, in fact!), I wanted to address a sensitive issue regarding Rick Astley.

I didn't invent the rickroll, at least, not directly.

Ten years

Ten years ago this month, I originally published "The Developers." It's weird to think it was that long ago, and even weirder to think that I started on the book 13 years ago, in 2002. While so much has changed with the Internet, the key tenets of the book seemingly still hold true:

1. The Internet is a social place.
2. Governments and corporations are always watching.

Then again, I guess these items are relevant in real-life situations as well. It's just much easier to track people (definitely as a group but also as individuals) online.

Where are the articles?

Well, they're not here ... at least, not yet. I'm hoping to come up with something in the near future. Stay tuned!

Books coming to Owensboro

I haven't had a book event in some time, so I'm headed over to Owensboro on July 1 to catch up with friends and sign a few copies of Corporate Ties. From 6-7 pm, show up at Gambrinus Libation Emporium for a free book with a $10 purchase. If you already have a book, stop by and meet the family!


Random News

Prediction for 2004: Think 2003

Is the new year really any different than the year that just passed?

The short answer is no. The long answer is yes. The longer answer is possible, but not probable, and the medium answer is, well, I think I forgot the question.

Back to the short answer, which if I recall, is NO! The year 2004 will be so much like 2003 that you will actually be able to use the same wall and desk calendars, if you haven't already thrown them away. Do not fret, however, because last year's calendars are today's clearance items at your local store.

Happy 1,000 visitor, whoever you are

Sometime on Oct. 12, the 1,000 unique person made it to my website. I wish I would have had sirens sounding, fireworks exploding and music playing, but I didn't. It was too much work to figure out the exact person anyway.

Now, the 1,000 unique person is a little deceiving. From the way the statistics are displayed, a user is unique every day. That means each day I check to make sure what I posted makes sense, it counts me again.

Next stop: Evansville Barnes & Noble

It has been a couple of long weeks, but I'm finally stepping back out on the book signing trail for The Developers. I'll be at the Evansville Barnes & Noble 10 a.m-5 p.m. April 29 for the store's AuthorFest, in support of WNIN's Ready to Learn Program.

Book review: "Ficciones" by Jorge Luis Borges

When I read a bad book, I finish it, even if it takes me forever. If I read a good book, I want to keep reading it, as much as possible, until I'm at the ending.

Names aren't really like snowflakes anymore

They say that every person is different, and individuality is what makes everyone so special. Unfortunately, that's not usually true with our actual names, regardless of how unique and special your name might seem.


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