Rainbow shine

By Ava

Once upon a time, there was a girl who is a princess named Ava. There is also another princess named Lily. There also was a princess named Clara, and we all played on the playground. And then, there was a mommy and daddy. There also was a playground where we can all play. The end.

Ava Princess

By Ava

Once upon a time there was a princess named Ava, and she had sisters named Lily and Clara. Her mom and dad were thinking about a party for her. And then she went outside so her parents couldn't see her.

And then she decided to make a birthday cake for herself. And then there was a monster. That monster almost got her, but it was only a person.

It was one of her sisters. It was Clara. And Lily was a princess, so she went back into the castle, and she started writing. And then there was another thing that she wanted to add to it. Her sister was in the picture.


Ava and Lily at a fall festival

By Ava

Once upon a time, there was a princess whose name was Ava. And then there was a horse. And then the horse had a prince on it. And then the prince told the princess how to do art. And then she already made art. And then she showed the prince her art project.


Updated Performance Against Seed Expectations

Some of you are probably familiar with the Performance Against Seed Expectations (PASE) metric used with the men's tournament brackets. In short, the metric takes into account how many games a seed is expected to win based on past performances since 1985 (the first year of the 64-team tournament). I use this metric to determine expected offensive statistical totals for the college basketball fantasy league that I run each March.

Gonna give you up? NEVER!

With the 10th anniversary of "The Developers" happening this year (right now, in fact!), I wanted to address a sensitive issue regarding Rick Astley.

I didn't invent the rickroll, at least, not directly.


Random News

GAC: Is it ever appropriate to use profanities in an email?


Is it ever appropriate to use profanities in an email?


It's okay by my standards to use profanities in email to people that you would normally say profantities when speaking. However, you should becareful not to tell grandma to kick @ss in tomorrow's bingo tournament ... As with all things email related, you should be careful what you write because you never know who is going to see it.


Extra room to store, share your files

Are you running out of storage space? I'm not talking

about your living room closet that contains 58 jackets,

some of which haven't been worn since the Crusades,

a vaccum cleaner, three bowling balls and dust bunnies

bigger than apples. I'm talking about disk storage space.

If you are running out of storage space, or if you

E-mails overrunning a business near you

Is this what the world is coming to? People sitting 6 inches away from each other will not talk to each other but instead, write short e-mails?

An example:

From: Someone

Sent: November, Wednesday 1, 2000 11:41 AM

To: Someone else

Subject: Outside

Did you see that?

Sept. 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey!

Just in case you have forgotten, Sept. 19 is a special day. Yes, it's that day each year when you are allowed to talk like a pirate, and be thanked for doing so.

'Tis the season for college basketball

If only college basketball could take precedence over other things, like work, sleep, eating, etc., it would be possible to consume all of the necessary information to select a perfect bracket this year. Most of us, though, do need to continue our regular life, and due to unforeseen upsets, all of the information available still might not help us win our office pools.

But it doesn't hurt to try. Here are a couple of sites you should be familiar with, so you'll be ready when the brackets are finally announced:


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