Gonna give you up? NEVER!

With the 10th anniversary of "The Developers" happening this year (right now, in fact!), I wanted to address a sensitive issue regarding Rick Astley.

I didn't invent the rickroll, at least, not directly.

Ten years

Ten years ago this month, I originally published "The Developers." It's weird to think it was that long ago, and even weirder to think that I started on the book 13 years ago, in 2002. While so much has changed with the Internet, the key tenets of the book seemingly still hold true:

1. The Internet is a social place.
2. Governments and corporations are always watching.

Then again, I guess these items are relevant in real-life situations as well. It's just much easier to track people (definitely as a group but also as individuals) online.

Where are the articles?

Well, they're not here ... at least, not yet. I'm hoping to come up with something in the near future. Stay tuned!

Books coming to Owensboro

I haven't had a book event in some time, so I'm headed over to Owensboro on July 1 to catch up with friends and sign a few copies of Corporate Ties. From 6-7 pm, show up at Gambrinus Libation Emporium for a free book with a $10 purchase. If you already have a book, stop by and meet the family!

Whoa, what? I have a website?

For my first post in 2013, I thought I'd remind myself that I have a website. I guess it's tough to post as much as I used to now that I have a new baby and all. I have a few updates coming soon with a book event or two, but other than that, I'm just staying busy with my day job. I guess I should sign off until I have something more relevant to offer.


Random News

More flaws available for Internet Explorer

Every browser has its good and bad moments, but it's sure seems like most moments are bad for Internet Explorer. Recently it was announced that people using IE 6 were vulnerable, even if Windows XP Service Pack Two is installed.

Microsoft reported one of these flaws last year, but there are still no patches for these flaws, which are described as "extremely critical" ones.

Feb. 14, Elton John exceeding love usage quota

What is love?
Baby don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me.
No more.

I'm not trying to take credit for the chorus of Haddaway's "famous" song. I guess it depends on who is asked if this would be considered famous or infamous. I still cannot get the image of Chris Katan and Will Ferrell from "A Night at the Roxbury" out of my head every time I think of this song. I'm also one of nine people on the planet who like that movie, and I'm still uncertain why.

Computer programming is not just for geeks anymore

Instead of saying, "Look at this cool thing I found on the Internet!" what if you could say, "Look at this cool thing I made on the Internet!"

On top of that, you don't have to have an extensive history with programming languages, either.

Sitcom stars appearing at the top of the tree

What do Theo Huxtable, Adolf Hitler and Magnum P.I. have in common?

1. They are names of my plants.
2. They have all recently purchased an iMac.
3. The computer knew I was trying to be each of them during an Internet game.

Are you serious? How many plants do you think I have?

Don't forget to update your machine

I hope you made it to my column today in one piece.

Surely there was no traffic on the trip to work, no wrecks to get in your way and no coffee to spill on that new "Dukes of Hazzard" tie your grandmother gave you for Christmas. Just like any other day, I bet you walked into your office or computer room, started up your computer and immediately accessed the Web, right?


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