Introducing Mrs. Annathena Gilly Gully

Mrs. Annathena Gilly Gully from Puddle Rumple Tilly WillyAren't you curious about this quirky lady, and the parrot that rides on the top of her hat?

Chapter art, updates for 'Corporate Ties'

I'm still experiencing a bit of a holdup on releasing my new book, "Corporate Ties," for a number of reasons. The biggest, though, is that I want the book to be super awesome and not cause too many issues, which of course, is causing a delay. In the meantime, I've picked up a bit with the marketing side. I've enlisted two graphic designers to assist me with artwork for the book.

New business book for women: The Corporate Dominatrix

As a writer of workplace novels, I try to stay up on the latest and greatest new business books that are out there. There is generally a clear distinction between self-help and narratives, but I do not think it always has to be like that.

Contest for new movie

I received an email recently about a new movie and a contest for a trip to New York. The new movie, "Fix" starring Olivia Wilde, seems like it could be pretty decent. It's based on a true story, centering around the director trying to bail his brother out of jail in a single day.


Random News

Converse with your computer even when not at work

Just like any insane person, I do a fair share of talking to my computer. Amazingly enough, it never seems to talk back, even after the constant urging to get something done or to stop crashing.

Next stop: Baltimore Book Festival

I'm not exhibiting at the Baltimore Book Festival, for a couple of reasons. But that doesn't mean I won't be attending.

From the information on the website, it looks as if there's a lot going on at the festival, for all ages. Also, it begins Friday night and continues Saturday and Sunday, which means you should have the opportunity to check it out at some point.

Virus, pharming, phishing: It's all geek to some

A recent survey compiled in the UK showed that the common computer user didn't understand, or even worse, had never heard of many typical technological jargon terms.

According to the survey, only 39 percent of users knew what a Trojan was, 10 percent thought spyware was a computer program to check on cheating partners and 16 percent had never even heard of spam.

Save money at the gas pump

I thought that maybe fewer people would drive since gas seems to be more expensive than an average vehicle. But I'm still waiting in traffic all over the place, on the way to and from work. Hasn't it occurred to anyone that we are all paying close to twice as much for gasoline as we did a year ago? Wouldn't they be interested in knowing how to conserve their fuel?

SiteFinder leaves Web users at a loss

Imagine going to the library to find a specific piece of literature. The problem is, you remember the words "corn" and "facade" are in the title, but you can't remember the author or any other information. Was it "The Children of the Corn Facade"? Or maybe "The Facade of Corn Flakes"?


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