Don't be like me and take circus peanuts for granted

It was a simple idea: Go to the store, grab a bag of circus peanuts for a friend and be on my way. After wandering aimlessly through three stores, though, I learned that even the greatest tasty snacks can disappear all too quickly.

Luckily, I found some in the fourth store, a local grocery. Locating circus peanuts on the Internet, however, was far easier. Spangler Candy Co. is one producer of the confection, and the website even comes with a recipe to make a Jello salad with circus peanuts. I also found various sites with recipes for creating circus peanut mixed drinks.

Unfortunately, I found some animosity toward the delicacy. I'm not going to list those websites because I abhor the thought of relaying the idea that circus peanuts are not good. If you have never tried one, find a bag at a location near you and at least try them. At least if you don't like them, there are plenty of others like you on the Internet.