Virtual island not cheap

I've always wanted my own island. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a place, surrounded by water, where you could go and hang out and be left alone, at least until someone built a bridge to it? Apparently I missed my chance the other day when someone bought an island online for $26,500. That seems pretty cheap.

Oh. That island is only virtual, in a video game called Project Entropia. So imaginary islands are going for over 20 G's these days. Maybe I should invest in something else, like a virtual bridge.

The purchaser, David Storey of Australia, claims he will "create a thriving, fully functional settlement for all the enjoy" with his island. I suppose he means the people within the game, which is classified as an MMPORG. No that's not my password; it stands for massive multiplayer online role-playing game. It's also nearing the longest acronym on the Net.

I can think of worse things to buy, like thousands of 8-track tapes. But a virtual island? That idea sounds shipwrecked.