Warrant unnecessary for email search by U.S. government

It's the government ... they want to search your email
It's the government ...
they are searching your email

If you are currently transmitting secret operations to take over the world via email, think again! A federal judge in Oregon ruled recently that the government can take a look at your email without any notice.

A few of the big boys of email -- Gmail, Hotmail and AOL -- already stipulate this in their usage terms. But according to this ruling, the government does not even need to give you notice that they are doing a search.

This seems a bit peculiar. I agree that you should never assume email is a safe haven for information, even if it's encrypted (although you'll have a little bit better chancing keeping it secure that way). But allowing officials to read anyone's email on a whim without telling the individual is a bit much.

You could potentially avoid this by running your own mail server, but who wants to do that?